Our Mission

  • Worship – To encourage our community to glorify God as we recognize His supremacy in every endeavor of life by declaring to one another who He is and what He has done. 
  • Community – To purposefully build warm, caring relationships that will enable everyone to find his or her place of service as we recognize, develop, and use our God-given gifts.
  • Discipleship – To equip every age group in our community to know and serve Christ.
  • Evangelism – To build relationships with the lost on the Olympic Peninsula to share the claims of Christ for salvation.
  • World Missions – To encourage our community to recognize and accept his or her part in sharing Christ with all nations.

Our Vision

Worship - We Glorify

It is our desire that we grow in our response to God as we hear and apply His word, pray, praise, and yield all that we are and have in joyful obedience to Him. 

Community - We Belong

It is our desire that we will grow in becoming a spiritual home for all people in all stages of life and circumstances, where we exchange love, acceptance, guidance, and encouragement, and where we give of ourselves in loving committed service.

Discipleship - We Learn

It is our desire that we will grow together in spiritual maturity as we seek to mentor all believers in understanding God's plan for living by training, equipping, and entrusting them to reach and equip others. 

Evangelism - We Share

It is our desire that we will grow in our passion for reaching the lost and for our need to mature in our understanding as to how we can share God's love and truth in our circle of relationships in obedience to His Great Commission. 

World Missions - We Go

It is our desire that we will grow in discerning God's direction for our involvement in world missions, as we assess worldwide needs for the gospel, develop ways to meet those needs, and as we support dozens of our church members, by sending them our as career and short term missionaries.