The deacons are a group of men which attend to the necessities of the poor and the receiving and disbursement of benevolent offerings collected for this purpose. They attend to matters of financial management and the maintenance of the properties of the Church and provide for the material necessities of the property. Neighborly care is also part of this ministry providing transportation, firewood, and some maintenance. Contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Deacon Mission Statement:

The Deacons oversee the practical and material needs of God's people.They are ministers of mercy.Elders provide the pastoral oversight; Deacons provide practical oversight. As demonstrated in Acts 6, this servant board relieves the Elders of this responsibility and provides responsible care for the members.

       1.  We seek to express our commitment to Jesus Christ by meeting the
            needs of God's people.

       2.  We shall assist the Elders and Pastors in jealously guarding the
            spiritual life of the church.

       3.  We will serve the needs of one another while helping to build the church.

       4.  We seek to ignite the vision of the church in the heart of the members.